Rustic & Blue (Artisan Tea Blends), was founded in 2012 from The founder's passion for tea. after studying about the tea making process and the suitability of drinking tea during pregnancy, The caffeine-free tea line has started. 


The caffeine-free tea or "Decaf" tea is a blended tea, which is a great choice for pregnant women. Because they contain no caffeine, so it's safe to drink during pregnancy and we also add the herb that helps increase milk supply for the mother who's breastfeeding.


It's our goal to promote and embrace the tea drinking tradition because we realize how beneficial it was for our health. that's why we've been selected the tea from around the world, for example, Honeybush and Rooibos from South Africa, Ceylon Black from Sri Lanka and Organic herb, spice, and fruits tea from Chiang Mai and the various province of Thailand which help promote the use of local ingredients.